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Drum Major

2017 Drum Major Camp Dates

Conducting Instruction 

Participants will receive conducting training from Nicholas Williams, Associate Director of Wind Studies - University of North Texas.  The SASI conducting curriculum is a fresh, modern approach to marching band.

Marching and Teaching Instruction

Participants will receive innovative marching and teaching training from Jeremy Spicer, Owner and Student Leadership Director of SASI and Director of Bands at Vandegrift High School.

Leadership Development

Participants will receive leadership training from Manuel Maldonado, Leadership Curriculum Facilitator for SASI and Associate Director of Bands at Bradley Middle School in San Antonio, Texas.  The SASI Leadership and Empowerment curriculum is a fresh, modern approach to leadership.

Specialized Instruction and Guest Appearances

Each camp will bring its own set of unique clinicians. Our list of featured clinicians include
Dr. Caroline Beatty, Dr. Nicholas Williams, Dr. David Clemmer.


Participants will be lodged at the perspective university dorms.  Participants will need linens, toiletries, and other personal items as none will be furnished by the university.



Who may attend: Current drum majors, future drum majors, student leaders, and potential student leaders are invited to attend!!!

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